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Welcome to my Web site!

Hello my name is Jazmin and would like to start by saying a big thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  This page is to let you know a little about me and my start in life and to introduce you to my family.  So here goes…

I was born 13 weeks premature on the 5th July 2002 and weighed in at 1lb 4oz. I spent my first 4 months in hospital and I was very poorly. I had more than 10 blood transfusions, my lungs collapsed and my kidneys didn’t work. As well as this I had such a weak immune system that I caught infection after infection.

The doctors seem to think that my brain was damaged when I was about 2 months old due to one of these infections. Despite all the odds I fought against the infections and finally managed to feel a little better.

Mummy came to see me every day and daddy came with mummy at night time to put me to bed. On the 8th November I was finally allowed to go home, although I remained on oxygen. This was a special day as not only did I get to see my new home but it was my daddy’s birthday so it was double celebrations and everybody was happy!

Over the next few weeks mummy and daddy continued to help me along the way and by Christmas I was breathing on my own and I was able to come off the oxygen!

Over the next few months it was apparent to mummy that I was not progressing as well as I should be and she just knew that something was wrong.  I was seen by lots of different doctors and specialists and at 9 months old I was diagnosed with Spastic Cerebral Palsy Quadriplegia.

This was a very difficult time for them as all I did was scream and cry and it was very hard for them to know what to do for me.  As months went by I was delighted to learn that there was to be another addition to our family and on the 28th January 2004, my little brother Oliver arrived.  Oliver and I get on really well and he always helps me to play.  With mummy’s help we have the odd game of Snap and I must admit I’m pretty good!

In April 2004 we went to Spain which was great, a little hot but it wasn’t so bad.  Everybody was so nice to us all over there and one thing I noticed was that they spoke to me!  A lot of people are not sure about my condition and do not know how much I understand so tend to talk to mummy and daddy but I actually understand most things!

I started school in 2004 and I love it.  I get to be involved in a lot of the activities and have made some very special friends.  The teachers are all so lovely and ensure that I am kept extremely busy all day.

In 2006 we again went back to Spain where Oliver and I had a lot of fun on the beach and visited many restaurants but most of all it was a time to chill and relax.  In fact if you go to my photo album there is a picture of me and Grampy chilling out on the sand!

In July 2007 Mummy and Daddy decided to move to a bungalow.  This has made life so much easier with my wheelchairs and all the different equipment I need.  The stairs were also proving to be too dangerous with me in their arms as I was getting quite big.  The bungalow has gone through many changes to accommodate us all, especially as mummy was expecting another brother or sister for me. Daddy and Grampy have worked very hard during their evenings and weekends to extend and adapt our home to make me comfortable.

On 20th August 2007 my youngest brother Ryan was born.  He has proved to be a cheeky little monkey and makes me laugh a lot especially when he tries to give me a kiss and falls over!

Last Christmas mummy and daddy surprised Oliver and I with a trip to Lapland to meet Father Christmas.  Oliver and I went with mummy whilst daddy stayed at home with Ryan as he was too young.  I had the most amazing time, we went on a sleigh ride, met the elves and checked in with the post office to make sure our letters had arrived.  It was very cold when we were playing in the snow but mummy made sure we were wrapped up warm.

In August this year we went camping in our caravan in Dorset.  I love going away in the caravan as we get to have a lot of fun as a family.

I love spending time with my family and close friends especially Nana, Grampy and Uncle Ben and Nanny.  They have always supported and helped mummy and daddy along the way for which I know they are truly thankful.

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